100% YES, Once we have designed and built the website – You own the copyright.

The domain will be registered in your name NOT The My Net Spider.
As an official Nominate and ICANN Partner we have to follow strict guidelines, which means you have full ownership of the domain.

Over 50% of all websites have a CMS, so what exactly is a CMS you’re wondering? CMS is an abbreviation for content management system. The most popular CMS in the world is WordPress.
  • What is a CMS – A CMS is a content management system which allows you to update your website easily without the needing knowledge of coding. With CMS built website you will be able to update content, images and so much more with just a few clicks.
  • Why your website needs a CMS – A CMS will allow you to update your website with no coding knowledge at all. A CMS also has built in features for SEO, so you can optimize your website for search engines like Google.
If I have my website built by The My Net Spider, will it have a CMS?  – YES OF COURSE At The My Net Spider we build all of our websites with the world’s leading CMS: WordPress. This means after your website is built your will be able to add pages, change text, add images and so much more with just a few clicks. We also include an easy too use page builder, so making or editing a new page is easy as 1,2,3…
Hosting is where your website is stored, usually on a server in a data center. The server is connected to the internet which pulls your website up, when it is visited. There are several different types of hosting, however the 2 most common are:
  • SHARED HOSTING: Generally shared hosting is the cheapest. This is when thousands of websites are on the same server and server resources are shared between each website.
  • DEDICATED HOSTING: This is one of the most expensive options, as its means you can dictate what resources are available to what website.
Google now takes website speed as a major factor in ranking on Google Search. The faster your website the higher you will rank. What type of hosting does The My Net Spider offer? DEDICATED HOSTING  The My Net Spider has several dedicated servers. We want to ensure your website doesn’t just look good, but also super fast. That’s why we host all of websites on our DEDICATED SERVERS.
The answer is simple…. YES. At The My Net Spider we would love for you to be a customer of ours forever… However if you wish to do so at any point after your website is built, you have full capacity and ownership to take your website to another company.
At The My Net Spider we have several different payment options:
  • Secure Debit / Credit Card Payments via PayPal
  • E-Transfer
  • Of course! Please click the below link to view our recent Web Design Projects: https://mynetspider.ca/our-works/

    We can write the website text/content for you for a small fee of $100 per page. Simply speak to a member of our team when placing an order, we can write 1 page of content or all of it… The choice is yours.

    We provide clear and transparent pricing with any annual renewal fees etc before your place an order. We have NO HIDDEN FEES. If you have any questions regarding pricing please call us on +1-905-325-1982 for further details.

    You would need to supply your own images / photos. Please ensure you have permission to use any images / photos you provide us with. Alternatively when ordering your website, simply purchase our Photo Pack Website Extra, and we will carefully choose relevant high resolution photos for your Website. If you opt for our Photo Pack Website Extra, then any photos we use for your website will be copyright free in high-resolution. We source all of our photos for customers websites from Adobe Stock.

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