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we only use tried and tested Google SEO Strategies.
All our staff are trained and certified by Google.
Unlike other Digital Marketing companies who make false promises such as: “We will guarantee you page 1 of Google” We only use safe, certified and tried and tested Digital Marketing methods.

Search Engine Optimization - (SEO) by Top SEO Specialists Canada

Top SEO Specialists

Your website’s Google ranking is imperative in driving new customers to your business. A great looking website is worthless, without customers visiting the website, and enquiring about your products and services. SEO is a long term strategy, and helps drive new customers as they find your website on Google search for relevant products and services you offer.

You don’t have to be an SEO tech specialist for your website to do well online, that’s what we’re here for… My Net Spider has a Top SEO Specialists team who is trained by Google, and can help your website rank for the keywords associated with your business.

Take a look at our SEO Packages below. or contact us for a FREE SEO consultation.

Package 1


1 – 2 Targeted Keywords Competitor Analysis Keyword Research 1/2hr Backlink Building 1 Social Shares

Package 2


1 – 3 Targeted Keywords
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
1hr Backlink Building
1 Social Shares

Package 3


3 – 5 Targeted Keywords
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
2hr Backlink Building
2 Social Shares

Package 4


3 – 5 Targeted Keywords
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
4hr Backlink Building
4 Social Shares
Google My Business Setup & Optimized
Directory Website Submissions

Package 5


5 – 7 Targeted Keywords
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
6hr Backlink Building
8 Social Shares
Google My Business Setup & Optimized
Directory Website Submissions
1hr Page Speed Optimization
30Mins Content Strategy

Package 6


5 – 7 Targeted Keywords
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
6hr Backlink Building
10 Social Shares
Google My Business Setup & Optimized
Directory Website Submissions
1hr Page Speed Optimisation
1hr Content Strategy
1x High Authority Backlink
Google Rich Snippets Integration

Package 7


5 – 7 Targeted Keywords
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
10hr Backlink Building
15 Social Shares
Google My Business Setup & Optimized
Directory Website Submissions
2hr Page Speed Optimization
2hrs Content Strategy
2x High Authority Backlink
Google Rich Snippets Integration
1hrs SEO Bookmarking

All SEO Packages Refresh Every 30 Days – We’ll Take Payment For The Following Month And Your SEO Package Will Be Refreshed. Of Course, If You Opt Out Of Your SEO Package It Won’t Refresh – It’ll Simply Be Cancelled At The End Of Your 30 Day Notice Period.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of strategies and techniques designed to enhance a website’s visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The primary goal is to optimize your online content so that it ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher your website ranks, the more likely it is to be noticed by users searching for relevant information, products, or services.

That is entirely up to you, you can call us if you would like a chat with one of our SEO specialists on 905-325-1982. If you would like to drop us a quick email then you can use

There is good news if your website is currently ranked low in search engine results! You will be able to increase your ranking by implementing a new SEO approach. The most important thing in SEO is knowing search engines’ ranking factors – such as keywords & content, engagement & traffic, or domain-level brand metrics – to make sure your website is seen as relevant and popular by search engines. Here are the basics that you need to know to understand how SEO works.

Auditing Your Website

The first steps in auditing a website for SEO to learn your current rank, review your website’s analytics and determine the keywords that will set you apart.

Crawling and Indexing

Search Engines have automated robots called crawlers that use links to scour the Internet, find web pages, and decipher page data that are indexed to be included in search engine results.

Ranking Factors

Each search engine has different ranking factors, but they all have a few factors in common: keywords, content, social counters, and backlinks. Have you ever heard of the saying “Content Is King?”; Keywords and content are arguably two of the most important factors that search engines look for when ranking pages. Because of this, it is imperative that you know what keywords are in the highest demand within your market and incorporates those keywords into the content on your website. All of your website’s content will naturally create a collection of internal links; search engines use link analysis algorithms that look at the sources, number, and anchor texts of links to help determine their relevance in search queries.

Accelerated Mobile Performance and Mobile Optimisation

Having a mobile-optimized website will help improve your search engine ranking because search engines are starting to develop mobile crawlers that will create mobile-only indexes. Accelerated Mobile Performance (AMP) allows for faster rendering of web pages on mobile devices and is recommended by Google. It has three components: AMP HTML is a simple redesign of HTML with specific AMP commands, AMP JS is JavaScript for mobile that ensures quick page rendering, AMP Content Delivery Network will cache your AMP content for fast delivery. In Google searches on a mobile device, there is now a carousel of search results that only includes web pages that have implemented AMP. While AMP is not yet a ranking factor, it does drive more traffic and visitors, especially from mobile devices where your website is more likely to be a top result in Google’s carousel.

On-Site SEO & Off-Site SEO

SEO is made up of 2 main parts; On-Site SEO & Off-Site SEO.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO is anything to do with your website. On-Site SEO strategies are used to ensure your website is Search Engine Friendly – (Google Friendly). On-Site SEO can also be used to stabilize your rankings.

Off-Site SEO

Off- Site SEO is anything pointing back to your website. Off-Site SEO strategies are used to build ethos and authority back to your website domain. Off-Site SEO can also be used to add weight and help you rank for competitive keywords.

Internal Links

Internal Links are hyperlinks that point at (target) the same domain as the domain that the link exists on (source). In layman’s terms, an internal link points to another page on the same website. Internal links are most useful for establishing site architecture and spreading link equity.


Search Engine Results Page
SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. When you enter a query into a search engine you receive a page with results, and this is called a SERP.

Domain Authority, Page Authority & SEO Moz

Domain metrics have a big impact on how well your domain will start ranking and also hold its ranking. Domain metrics are made up of 3 areas: DA, PA & SEO Moz.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority score is not a new phrase in the world of SEO, but many SEO Specialists are unaware of domain authority and its significance. Domain authority is a metric that was created by Moz (SaaS company), to rate a website on a scale of 1-100, (100 being the best and 1 being the worst). So, the higher the domain authority of a website, the higher it’s ranking in search engines. Instead of thinking of domain authority as a measure of your SEO effort, think of it as a competitive metric against other sites. So, if you compare your website’s DA score with that of your competitor’s site, the site with the higher DA score is likely to rank higher in search engine searches! DA consists of over 40 different ranking signals.

SEO Moz / Trust Flow – TF

Trust Flow is a metric trademarked by Majestic that analyses how trustworthy a site is by measuring its quality. Quality is the essential data of this metric. If a link pointing to your website is authoritative and qualitative, then your trust flow will increase. Google rewards qualitative backlinks. As a matter of fact, you will be ranked higher.

Page Authority 

Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz (SaaS company), that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Page Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank. Page Authority is based on data from the Moz web index and takes into account dozens of factors. Like Domain Authority, it uses a machine learning model to identify the algorithm that best correlates with rankings across the thousands of SERPs that we predict against, then produces Page Authority scores using that specific calculation. Page Authority is scored on a 100-point logarithmic scale. Thus, it’s significantly easier to grow your score from 20 to 30 than it is to grow from 70 to 80. These algorithms are constantly updated and used to calculate Page Authority, so you may see your score fluctuate from time to time.

SEO Reach

With SEO you have the capability to effectively reach whatever audience you want. No other advertising mediums offer the same combination of affordable, effective options as SEO does.

SEO Targeted Traffic

The beautiful thing about SEO, as opposed to other more traditional forms of marketing, is that you can generate highly targeted traffic. Having the ability to show up high on the results page for a specific service you offer is gold. A user has actually gone online, typed in something related to your business, and then clicked on your listing. At this point, they are much more targeted than if you were to do TV ads or a direct mail campaign because they are actively searching for a solution. That’s powerful!

Google Searches Are Increasing

According to data provided by Business 2 Community, businesses are predicted to spend around $59 Billion on SEO by the year 2020. In addition, the number of pure “Google” searches has continued to increase.

Organic Clicks Compared to Paid Ads

85% of all clicks happen on organic SEO listings. Paid Search only makes up 15% of the total Clickshare for a keyword.

How People Do Research

According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes over 40,000 searches per second, which equates to roughly 3.5 billion searches per day. Within those searches are your customers! They are using Google to do research and purchase what you have to offer.

Highly Measurable

SEO is highly measurable. Using Google Analytics, you can see traffic amounts and how that correlates to goals specifically with organic search. In addition, you can leverage Google Search Console to see the exact keywords that are driving traffic.

Your Product / Service Is Open for Business 24/7

The great thing about SEO is that when you are ranking, you’re constantly visible to potential customers, able to receive traffic day and night, which turns into leads/sales. A well-run SEO campaign can become be your lead/sale generating force at all times.

Competitors Are Doing SEO

If your industry has products/services that are searched for online, then you have competitors that are already doing SEO. If you want to grow your business and be where users are searching, then you too must invest in SEO services. That’s the only way to compete long term unless for
some reason people stop using the internet to search, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Our expert team is skilled in the delivery of tailored organic SEO solutions. We will conduct vital analysis such as reviewing your business online strategies, website as well as your online competition – to understand your critical areas of strengths and weaknesses. To provide solutions that are guaranteed to make your business successful. We will widen the scope of your online business profile and reach. Thus helping you enhance your KPI and ROI. Rest assured, our premium quality organic SEO solutions are special white hat SEO services that prevent your website from being blocked by search engines.


  • Comprehensive Website Analysis: including the close inspection of your site’s website design, content, Metadata text, ease of navigation, and loading time, etc.
  • On-Page Optimisation: Optimising your Custom page title and description, compelling content, correct use of header tags, keywords (in headers and content) optimization, URL length, and internal linking structure.
  • Off-page optimization: Optimising your website through external activities to help maintain its high page ranking in search engine result pages. This approach includes directory submission, search engine submission, article submission, forum posting, blog posting, press release submission, quality link-building, etc.

As a budget-friendly brand marketing company, we offer a range of affordable SEO packages to choose from. Our plans are designed to match your budget and meet your SEO and website needs.

SEO Payments are charged monthly from the date you signed up, you can cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice.

Generally, SEO takes between 4-6 weeks to see results, if we have designed you a new website then you would be in what is more commonly called the “sandbox” period. This is where Google is trying to find your website and is deciding where you should be placed within the search results, this period can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months.

Analysis and Strategy

A successful SEO strategy is about building a businesses’ online presence. Our first step will be to either complete an in-depth research study on your competitors if you don’t already have a website or audit your current website and SEO tactics to determine what you are currently doing right and what you need to do to improve upon your program.
During our audit, we will look at the following:

Analytics and Keywords

The first step is to determine how your website is currently ranked and how your competitors a ranking. We will do this by searching keywords that are associated with your business and finding out how your website stacks up against your competition.

Your Website’s Accessibility and Indexing

For your website to be visible in search results, search engines actually have to be able to find it. They do this by crawling the web and looking for relevant and indexable content, such as link structures and HTML features like alt tags for images.

Ranking Factors

Once we determine that your website is being found by search engines and is being properly indexed, we can begin looking further to improve your ranking. The different factors that we will be looking at are content to make sure that your content is relevant and utilizes keywords without being duplicated on multiple pages, keywords, and HTML mark-up to make sure that your source code is relevant to crawlers.

Competitive Analysis

Once we have audited your website, we will run a competitive analysis to compare your content and other SEO factors against those of your competitors. This will help us come with a plan for deliverable items that we can then present to you and implement on your website to improve
your rank and drive more visitors to your site.

Goals and Objectives

Attract new leads to its website and turn them into customers. It’s best chance to do so is to take advantage of dual SEO & PPC. A focused SEO campaign will help:
● Get its website more attention from interested prospects
● Turn that new attention into paying customers
● Gain increased visibility and compete with competitors


There are two key differences when considering SEO or PPC. The first is that paid ads appear at the top of the page, above the organic listings influenced by SEO. The second is that traffic from organic via SEO is free, whereas traffic from PPC has a cost for each click. In many cases, SEO
and PPC work best when integrated and strategically aligned. In an ideal world, we would look at both SEO and PPC. They both have pros and cons and work best when supporting each other synergistically. Where you can get SEO and PPC working together, you will often be able to drive results that are greater than their component parts. In our experience with hundreds of businesses, an integrated search strategy that looks at both SEO and PPC is the optimal approach. Results are improved in each channel by utilizing both paid and organic. This will not be right for every business, but for high-growth, aggressive marketing, you will want to develop a holistic search engine strategy rather than look at SEO or PPC in isolation.

What is PPC – (Pay Per Click – Paid Ads)?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organic SEO strategies. Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links section on a SERP page.

What You Need to Know About PPC

A lot goes into building a winning PPC campaign: from researching and selecting the right keywords, to organizing those keywords into well-organized campaigns and ad groups, to setting up PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions. Search engines reward advertisers who
can create relevant, intelligently targeted pay-per-click campaigns by charging them less for ad clicks. If your ads and landing pages are useful and satisfying to users, Google charges you less per click, leading to higher profits for your business.

Google Quality Score

Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords, landing pages, and PPC campaigns. Advertisers with better Quality Scores get more ad clicks at lower costs.

Keyword Relevance

It is essential for PPC to find relevant PPC keywords, group them into lists and keyword groups.

PPC Extensions

If you want your PPC campaigns to stand out and make it into those top three spots, you need to be using ad extensions. Ad extensions are extra information that is shown below your ad copy. They allow you to take over more online real estate and help to boost your ad’s rank on the
search engine results page.

Landing Page Quality

A focus on conversion rate is important when running a PPC Campaign and optimized landing pages with persuasive, relevant content and a clear call-to-action, tailored to specific search queries.

Click Fraud

Click fraud is when someone repeatedly clicks on your pay-per-click ads in an attempt to deplete your advertising budget. If your daily advertising budget is successfully depleted your ads will no longer show for the remainder of that day, handing a huge advantage to your competitors.

Managing PPC Campaigns

It is imperative that PPC Campaigns are optimized regularly to ensure you are expanding your reach, reducing any wasted spend by adding non-converting terms to a negative keyword list, and adjusting your bidding strategy to stay competitive.

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